Maudsley Excavations have dedicated over 30 years to providing agricultural, industrial, commercial and, domestic clients with a whole host of excavation services and state of the art equipment. Our team of operators has an outstanding reputation amongst our industry peers and the local community as we are committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and customer service on every job.We are well known for our range of earthmoving equipment hire across the Sunshine Coast.

Our mission is to continue to provide all agricultural, domestic, commercial, and industrial customers with professional excavation equipment to ensure all excavation projects run smoothly.


We always use the latest, state of the art excavation and earthmoving equipment and machinery to ensure every project is completed in a time friendly manner and stays within budget.

Skilled Experts

All of our experience in the industry has led us to be one of Queensland’s most trusted excavating teams, with a proven track record of completing a diverse selection of projects that exceed our client’s expectations. Our combined professionalism and our highly skilled workmanship means we consistently achieve the high standards we set for ourselves time after time.


Here at Maudsley Excavations, we operate to the highest level of safety for our staff, all our clients, our community, and environment, respecting each premises we work on. We are fully licensed and insured and work within all Australian health and safety regulations, and quality standards.